Orientation Program for Youth Center staffs completed at Bajothang, Wangdue Phodrang

Photo of participants in discussion

In order to enhance the capacity of Youth Center staffs to conduct the capacity development programs for out-of-school youth, the Youth Center Division of the Department of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education conducted the 2-day orientation program for 15 Youth Center staffs (10 Managers and 5 Admin. Assistants) at Bajothang in Wangdue Phodrang from 3-4 November 2017. The main objective of the program was to orient the staffs on the revised training manual developed for the capacity development of out-of-school youth.

In May 2017, the FL Consultancy Service was hired to review and consolidate the existing training materials that have been developed by different agencies working for young people in Bhutan. As a result, the training manual for the capacity development of out-of-school youth developed by Youth Center Division in 2016 in collaboration with the Institute of Management Studies (IMS) got revised with some additional sessions incorporated from other relevant manuals.

Since the Youth Centers are expected to conduct the capacity building training for out-of-school youth in their region, the orientation program was initiated to equip the staffs with basic knowledge and skills on how to use the manual to conduct the training. In addition to orienting them on the actual contents of the manual, the staffs were also given basic facilitation skills to help them deliver the training contents effectively.

As per the manual, there will be a 6-day capacity development training during which the participants will be equipped mostly with soft skills. However during the training, the actual training needs of the participants will be identified and they will be linked up with relevant agencies that provide full-fledged training courses depending on their interests and commitment. This training will be conducted in close collaboration with relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, Bhutan Youth Development Fund, Loden Foundation and other organizations that provide employability skills for youth. It has been agreed that each Youth Center will conduct two such training programs in a year and an informal network will be formed to track the progress of the participants to ensure they are at least meaningfully engaged, if not gainfully employed. Each training program shall have at least 15-20 youth who are Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET). The Orientation Program was supported by UNICEF.