Annual Review and Planning Meeting for Youth Center staff 2018

In line with the effort of Youth Center Division, DYS, MoE to streamline and strengthen the functions and management of Youth Centers, the Annual Review and Planning Meeting for Youth Center Staff for 2018 has begun today at Damphu, Tsirang. As usual, the main objective of the meeting is to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices amongst the staff of different regional Youth Centers and to give them the opportunity to discuss challenges and develop new strategies to ensure systematic functioning of the Centers. Besides, the participants shall also review their programs, activities and services and identify areas for further improvement.

For the next two days, the Youth Center Managers and Admin. Assistants shall revisit their past year’s action plans and share their experiences and challenges faced while implementing the plans. They shall also share updates on various initiatives they have taken over the past one year and participate in a series of discussions on how to further improve and strengthen youth programs and services through the Youth Centers.

On the final day, the participants shall have a consultative meeting with their focal TEOs and DEOs to update them on the achievements of the Youth Centers and discuss areas in which they need support from the local government. The consultative meeting is expected to help the focal TEOs and DEOs understand more about the mandates and functions of Youth Centers so that they can take greater ownership of the Centers and provide them adequate support. It would be a great opportunity for the Youth Center staff and YCD officials to interact with the concerned TEOs/DEOs and work out sustainable solutions to some of the major challenges/issues faced by Youth Centers. The consultative meeting will be chaired by the Director General of DYS, MoE. In total, there are 12 Youth Center Managers and 6 Admin. Assistants attending the meeting. Five focal DEOs and 1 TEO will be participating in the consultative meeting with the participants on 30th November 2018. The entire program is jointly supported by RGoB and Save the Children International.