5th Annual Scout Conference Resolution

 5th Annual Scouts Conference (26– 28 January 2018), Rangjung Central School, Trashigang.

“Together for Positive Change”

  1. Logistics for scouts traveling for Scouting Programme to be communicated and coordinated between the concerned Dzongkhags/Thromdes and SCED.  (Action: SCED andDSA/TSA)
  1. The conduct of BULT to be continued by Dzongkhags/Thromdes based on the requirement. (Action: DSA/TSA)
  1. All Principals to be oriented as School Commissioners. (Action: DSA/TSA)
  1. The membership fees to be revised as :
    • Chief Commissioner BSA (Director General, DYS)=Nu.500/-
    • Chief Commissioner/International Commissioner, BSA (Chief Programme Officer, SCED) =Nu.300/-
    • Commissioners, BSA (Program Officers, SCED)=Nu.200/-
    • Scouts (Nachung, Nazhoen and Rovers) =Nu.35/- (Nu.15/- SSA, Nu.10/- DSA, Nu.10/- BSA)
    • Dzongkhag/ Thromde Commissioners (Concerned CDEO/CTEO,
    • DCDEO/DCTEO) =Nu.100/- (Nu.50/-DSA, Nu.50/- BSA )
    • School Commissioners (Concerned Principal)=Nu.100/- (Nu.50/-SSA, Nu.30/-DSA, Nu.20/-BSA )
    • Scout Leaders =Nu.100/- (Nu.50/-SSA, Nu.30/-DSA, Nu.20/-BSA )
    • CBS= Nu.115/- (Nu.100/- Troop, Nu.10/- DSA/TSA, Nu.5/-BSA)

Note#SSA: (School Scout Association), DSA/TSA: (Dzongkhag/Thromde Scouts Association), BSA (Bhutan Scouts Association) The annual membership fees to be submitted to SCED latest by 30th April.

  1. Membership registration and other scouting related information to be submitted, accessed and updated through DYS Portal. (Action: DSA/TSA)
  1. Chey Chey Scouts to be piloted in a few schools in all Dzongkhags/ Thromdes in 2018 and to be expanded in rest of the schools in the following years . (Action: SCED, SSA/DSA/TSA)
  1. The minimum tenure for the Dzongkhag/ Thromde Scout Secretaries to be 3 years. (Action: DSA/TSA)
  1. Any ad-hoc and unbudgeted programme to be shared with the Dzongkhag/ Thromde for their participation and funding support. (Action: SCED)
  1. Nominal fee to be charged for the use of the National Scouts Center facilities at Paro for any Scouting Programme to come into effect from 2018 and the rates to be notified through DYS Portal for recommendation from the DSA/TSA. (Action: SCED)
  1. All Scouting programmes initiated in 2018 in Dzongkhags/ Thromdes to be based on the theme ‘Together for Positive Change’ dedicated to 50 years of Indo- Bhutan Friendship.(Action: DSA/TSA and SCED)
  1. CBS to be operated under the purview of DSA/TSA. (Action: DSA/TSA)
  1. Survey on ‘Impact of Scouting on Youth in general’ to be coordinated by SCED. (Action: SCED)